Project Information


ROTO-MILL INC. has a diverse and growing customer base, is well known and regarded in the road construction and asphalt recycling industry due to the numerous types of asphalt recycling that we are able to perform.  We often work as general contractor on many pulverizing and Expanded Asphalt Stabilization projects and also work as a sub-contractor to many large general contractors and paving contractors on various road and infrastructure projects.  ROTO-MILL INC. has performed work for several airport authorities including the the Greater Toronto Airport Authority and recently completing a Full Depth Expanded Asphalt project at the Peterborough Airport.

















Other innovative projects recently completed include working from RAP piles to create stabilized road base layers.  ROTO-MILL INC. recently completed a number of projects where the municipality had stockpiled a large amount of RAP from various projects.  The RAP was crushed, placed on a gravel surface road and then processed with a small amount of expanded asphalt to create a stablized base surface suitable for a wearing course of Hot Mix Asphalt or Surface Treatment.

































Environmental Benefits to Asphalt Recycling


  • Reduced energy costs due to the cold and "In-Place" nature of the process

  • Reuses exisiting municipal owned RAP and underlying granular

  • Minimizes material transfer and the related trucking

  • Reduces or eliminates the need for non-renewable resources, including aggregates and liquid asphalt cement

  • Significant reduction in green house gases due to the cold "in-place" process and the reduced trucking in comparison with an equivalent lift of Hot Mix Asphalt

  • Meets the current Gas Tax Agreement Environmental Objectives - "improve the quality of the environment and contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, clean water, or clean air;....."

  • Meets the current Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund and the Small Communities Fund Infrastructure funding criteria (Highways and major roads, Innovation and green energy)