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Ontario Provincial Standard Specifications (OPSS) have been developed for several asphalt recycling processes including a Construction Specification for In-Place Full Depth Reclamation of Bituminous Pavement and Underlying Granular, OPSS 330;  a Construction Specification for Full Depth Reclamaiton with Expanded Asphalt Stabilization, OPSS 331; and a Construction Specification for Cold In-Place Recycled Expanded Asphalt Mix, OPSS 335.  Copies of the above noted OPSS are in PDF format below.


Several municipalities amend the OPSS to suit their requirements and local needs.   The OPSS provide non-mandatory commentary - Designer Action/Considerations in the Appendix of each specification.  The MTO also has their own Non Standard Special Provisions for the Expanded Asphalt process.









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