Expanded Asphalt

Expanded Asphalt Stabilization is an innovative road rehabilitation technique that has become a proven, cost effective and environmentally sustainable process utilized throughout North America for over 20 years. 


The ongoing research and development efforts by ROTO-MILL INC. over the last 20 years has allowed us to become a leader in the Expanded Asphalt process.  ROTO-MILL INC. was the first contractor in Canada to complete an Expanded Asphalt project and also perform In-Place Expanded Asphalt projects with a recycling train and paverlaid.


ROTO-MILL INC. can perform the Expanded Asphalt process in both Full Depth applications, where both the old hot mix asphalt and a portion of the underlying granular material is stabilized with expanded asphalt and placed to the specified depth and cross fall and also in a Partial Depth applications where the processing depth is limited to process within the depth of the hot mix asphalt, generally 100 - 125 mm, resulting in a 100 % reclaimed asphalt pavement that is 80 - 90 % the strength of new hot mix asphalt, mitigates reflective cracking and provides a smooth, stable base surface that can be overlaid with various wearing courses.


Expanded Asphalt Stabilization has been used successfully by many road agencies within Ontario and across Canada, and has been proven in numerous studies and reports as an engineered, economical and environmentally sustainable method for in-place reycling to rehabilitate suitable roadways.  Many Expanded Asphalt projects that were completed 10 - 15 years ago have good service levels and are performing as expected or better.  Given the success of In-Place recycling, many agencies are utilizing the process for medium to high traffic levels on rural, urban and highway rehabilitation projects, including use on 400 series highways.


On all Expanded Asphalt projects ROTO-MILL INC. provides Quality Control and partner with experienced, certified laboratories to provide project and site specific Quality Control measures to ensure a continued track record of successful Expanded Asphalt projects.


Urban Application


​Expanded Asphalt Stabilization (EAS) can be successfully utilized in an urban environment in either a partial or full depth application.  Additional structure can be added to the road base with the EAS process.

Pre-milling is required to allow the surface asphalt to be placed and match grades.

Grader Laid Expanded Asphalt

​​The Wirtgen WR 2500 is utilized on full depth expanded asphalt applications and the final grade/cross section is achieved with a grader.  This was the original expanded asphalt process before development of the paver laid recycling train. 




Cold In-Place Recycled Expanded Asphalt Mix (CIREAM) is a partial depth process and suitable where there is sufficent asphalt thickness to process within the existing asphalt layer.

This process can be used on both urban and rural roads with various traffic volumes.