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Milling - Cold Plane

Milling or cold planing can be defined as the controlled milling of asphalt or concrete pavement to restore the surface area to a specific profile or for the full depth removal of asphalt.  Bumps, ruts and other surface irregularities are removed during the milling process, leaving a uniform, diamond shaped and textured surface.


The benefits of the cold milling process include improved pavement profiles and cross sections, restored drainage flow which also provides a uniform, textured surface that improves bonding for a lift of new Hot Mix Asphalt.  The cold milling process can be completed with minimal disruption to traffic.


ROTO-MILL INC. has various sized milling equipment available with experienced staff to perform all types of milling work (trenching, crack repair, joints, bridge scarification, etc.).  The equipment can be and is sized to the project and schedule be it a parking lot or major roadway requiring night work.


The reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) is a non-renewal resource and has many uses.  RAP is reused in Hot Mix Asphalt, used a granular backfill and can be used as road base and stabilized road base material.  The many uses and recycling of RAP material helps to reduce costs and extend budgets for many of our satisfied customers as well as being environmentally friendly.


With over 40 years of milling experience, ROTO-MILL INC. has a proven track record for dependability and our quality workmanship and reputation speaks for itself.

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