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Full Depth Reclamation- Pulverizing

Full Depth Reclamation also known as Pulverizing is a road rehabilitation method in which the full thickness of the asphalt pavement and a portion of the underlying granular material is uniformly pulverized, mixed and re-blended to create a uniform and consistent blend of road base material.


Depending on the existing asphalt and/or surface treatment thickness the pulverization depth can vary from a few inches up to a  16" (400 mm) depth and provide a consistent, workable blend of road base material.


ROTO-MILL INC. can provide pricing for pulverizing only, with the owner providing grading, shaping, water and compacting or we can provide pricing that is inclusive of grading, shaping, water, compaction and certified traffic control.


The benefits of Full Depth Reclamation include eliminating reflective cracking, reduced costs related to re-use of the existing asphalt and granular.   The reclamation work is completed "in-place" with minimal disruption to traffic due to high production rates, additives (new granular, lime, cement, etc.) can be easily incorporated, blended material can be shaped to improve the road profile/cross section and the pulverized material provides a stable base for a new wearing surface.

ROTO-MILL INC. has several versatile, high production, high horse-power (500 - 800 HP), self propelled Pulverizer units available with dedicated and experienced operators and ground crews. 

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