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Milling or cold planing can be defined as the controlled milling of asphalt or concrete pavement to restore the surface area to a specific profile or for the full depth removal of asphalt.  Bumps, ruts and other surface irregularities are removed during the milling process, leaving a uniform, diamond shaped and textured surface.


Full Depth Reclamation also known as Pulverizing is a road rehabilitation method in which the full thickness of the asphalt pavement and a portion of the underlying granular material is uniformly pulverized, mixed and re-blended to create a uniform and consistent blend of road base material.

Cold In Place

Expanded Asphalt Stabilization or Cold In- Place Recycling is an innovative road rehabilitation technique that has become a proven, cost effective and environmentally sustainable process utilized throughout North America for over 20 years.



With over 40 years experience and a modern, large and ever expanding fleet of equipment ROTO-MILL INC. has become a leader in the Asphalt Recycling industry throughout Ontario and across Canada.


ROTO-MILL INC. has the largest fleet of asphalt recycling equipment in Ontario and our fleet continues to grow.  ROTO-MILL INC.'s operations include Asphalt and Concrete Milling equipment ranging in size from 0.5 metres to 3.8 metres in width and suitable for all milling applications including partial and full depth milling, scarification of bridge decks and concrete surfaces, mills that can produce various Rumble Strips and Lateral Acoustic Alerting Devices, Pulverizers/Reclaimers for Full Depth Reclamation (Pulverization) and Recycling Trains for Expanded Asphalt base stabilization in partial and full depth applications.


ROTO-MILL INC. is continually researching and developing new technologies to assist in the advancement of the road building and asphalt recycling processes.  Our 40 plus years experience has enabled our company to work with many different asphalt recycling methods and techniques.  With several methods available for recycling asphalt, let our extensive knowledge and experience work for you.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss specific requirements for your project, be it milling, pulverizing or In-place recycling we can provide you with options to address your site specific needs and budget.



Year Established




Ontario Provincial Standard Specifications (OPSS) have been developed for several asphalt recycling processes including a Construction Specification for In-Place Full Depth Reclamation of Bituminous Pavement and Underlying Granular, OPSS 330;  a Construction Specification for Full Depth Reclamaiton with Expanded Asphalt Stabilization, OPSS 331; and a Construction Specification for Cold In-Place Recycled Expanded Asphalt Mix, OPSS 335.  Copies of the above noted OPSS are in PDF format below.


Several municipalities amend the OPSS to suit their requirements and local needs.   The OPSS provide non-mandatory commentary - Designer Action/Considerations in the Appendix of each specification.  The MTO also has their own Non Standard Special Provisions for the Expanded Asphalt process.



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ROTO-MILL is the industry Leader and Innovator in Road Recycling Construction and Asphalt Rehabilitation and has excellent opportunities available to become part of our winning TEAM.  The positions have excellent pay rates, health benefits and a company pension plan in addition to a great working atmosphere and opportunity for advancement. Please email application to

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